The mechanical engineer request must to provide with following experience.
1. well experiences in mechanical engineer over 2 years, especially in plastic part tooling products.

2. Over two years experience in the tooling design of plastic parts.

The request of education degree is college.

Age : under 35 years old

The company information is 譁裕實業股份有限公司 Wha Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. Our major product is RF antenna. We have almost 50 % global market share for WLAN AP, Router used antenna. Our sales revenue for the last two years are 2002 : NTD 700 million, 2003 : NTD 1.5 billion. We plan to go public in IPO market next year.

The working location is in Hsin Chu city.

Contact window : Smith Chen : 03-5714225 # 403 M: 0963-320-225

Or Albert Hsieh : 03-5714225 # 221 M: 0963-320-213